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How to Take Hubcaps off Tesla Model 3 Highland

Trying to figure out how to take hubcaps off Tesla Model 3 Highland was a real headache for me. However, after thorough research and practical experience, I can now say I am a pro at it. To help all my fellow car enthusiasts, today I am going to share exactly how I did the job - without causing any damage to any part of the car. 

How to Take Hubcaps off Tesla Model 3 Highland

Whether you’re new to cars or a seasoned enthusiast, learning how to remove hubcaps from a Tesla Model 3 Highland is a valuable skill, especially for maintenance or upgrades. It also helps you change the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle's wheels.

Vortex Wheels Rim Covers Hubcaps for Tesla Model 3

However, if you have other commitments or want your car handled by professionals, we will help you out. At Hills Made, we have professionals who can help you change the hubcap and customize it to your liking!

Park the Car Safely

Start by parking your car in a safe location. Make sure you're on level ground to prevent any unintended movement of the vehicle. Turn off the engine and engage the parking brake to secure the car.

Follow these steps to make sure you and other road users are safe:

  • Choose a well-lit area if it's getting dark. Visibility is key!
  • Avoid slopes. A flat surface minimizes the risk of your Tesla moving.
  • If you're near traffic, turn on your hazard lights to alert passing drivers.
  • Keep a safe distance from traffic flow.
  • Double-check that your parking spot is legal and won't obstruct others.

Prepare the Necessary Tools

Before beginning the removal, it's important to have the right tools at hand. Having the correct equipment at hand will help you avoid damaging your vehicle. Here are some of the tools you will need:

  • Flathead screwdriver: This common tool may be used for prying, do so with caution to avoid scratching your wheels.
  • Plastic pry tool: This tool is a safer alternative to the screwdriver. It is designed to remove hubcaps or wheel covers without causing damage.
  • Tesla Lug Nut Cover Removal Tool: Check your Tesla's glove box for this specialized tool that's included with your vehicle, tailored for removing the lug nut covers without harming them.

Remember to use the tools intended for the job to protect your hubcaps and wheels from any unintended scratches or damages. Don’t apply any extra pressure and take your time with the process to get the best results.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

Locate the Hubcap Retention Clips

When you're ready to remove the hubcaps from your car, the first step is to identify the retention clips that hold them in place. These clips are an integral part of the hubcap design and enhance a snug fit to the wheel. You'll find them spaced around the inner edge of the hubcap.

Start by prying along the edge of the hubcap with a flat tool. A hubcap removal tool is preferable to avoid any damage. Feel for the clips as you work your way around; they will offer slightly more resistance when you get to them. Take your time and apply even pressure to avoid bending or breaking these clips.

Identify the Release Point

When you're ready to remove the hubcap, the first thing to do is locate the release point. This is where the cap clips attach to the wheel. Look around the edge of the cap; you should find several notches that allow for hand placement. Be cautious—you don’t want to damage the caps.

Start near the valve stem; this is often a reliable reference point. Here, the cap would have a slight give, indicating a proper place to begin removal. 

Press down on the cap with your fingers positioned at these notches. This action should disengage the clips and enable you to lift the aero cap away from the wheel. Remember to perform this task with care to maintain the integrity of the cap's securing clips.

Remove the Hubcaps

To remove the hubcaps, locate the small notch on the hubcap's outer edge. This is where you'll insert your removal tool. Position the flat end of the Tesla wheel cap removal tool into that notch. Make sure the tool is firmly seated in the groove to avoid any slippage that might damage the wheel.

Rim Covers Hubcaps for Tesla Model 3

Now, with the tool inserted, gently apply outward pressure. The aim is to use leverage to coax the clips holding the hubcap in place to release. Work slowly and patiently—a steady hand is more effective than force here. Rotate the tool if needed to unlatch the clips around the hubcap, one at a time. 

To detach the hubcap, insert your fingers into the notches located around the edges. Gently pull the hubcap away from the wheel with even force around the circumference. If it's particularly stubborn, use a soft pry tool. Take care to slide it carefully under the edge and leverage the hubcap free without scratching the wheel or the cap itself.

Related Questions

Can you Remove Tesla Model 3 Hubcaps by Hand?

Yes, you can remove the hubcaps on your Tesla Model 3 by hand. Grasp the edges and pull them straight off to release the retaining clips without the need for tools. Remember to pull gently to avoid damaging the parts.

What Should you Avoid Using to Pry off Hubcaps?

Avoid using sharp objects like screwdrivers to pry off your hubcaps. The sharp objects can cause damage to the wheel or the hubcap itself. The best tool to use is a plastic pry tool that won’t damage your hubcaps.

Why does Tesla have Hubcaps?

Tesla vehicles, including the Model 3, often come with various accessories such as aero hubcaps, which are designed to offer a sleek appearance. The caps also contribute to the vehicle’s efficiency. These hubcaps aren't just for looks; they serve a practical purpose by improving aerodynamics.


Removing the hubcaps from your Tesla Model 3 Highland is straightforward when you follow the correct procedure. Remember to grasp the hubcap firmly and pull it toward you, releasing the retaining clips. When reattaching, align the cover with the valve stem and press in the center to attach.

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