Center Console

Premium Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Center Console Wrap Covers

Elevate your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y interior with our premium center console wrap covers. Choose from wood and carbon options to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your Tesla. Discover our collection of meticulously crafted consoles and achieve a unique and minimalist aesthetic. Shop now and elevate your driving experience. 


Top-rated and loaded with unique qualities, our Tesla center console wrap covers will transform your Tesla's interior, offering niche aesthetics backed by a functional design - the epitome of unparalleled car customization. 

With our collection of premium Tesla Model 3 and Y center console wraps, prepare to experience:

  • 100% autoclaved carbon fiber, with tensile strength up to 500 kg per square inch
  • A carbon fiber material that’s precision cut and lightweight. It fits perfectly in your car and is super easy to install in any Tesla Model  3 or Y vehicle
  • UV protection and polyurethane coating to protect the console material from water bubbles, droplets, or splashes
  • Easy installation, cleaning, and maintenance after installation

How to Install 

The Tesla Model 3 center console cover is very easy to install; the process is a simple cosmetic change you can do with a bit of patience and by following these directions:

  1. Wipe the console surface clean to maximize adhesion
  2. Peel off the console wrap’s adhesive covering
  3. Carefully align the wrap cover, set it on the console, and apply gentle pressure to adhere

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking about upgrading the center console wrap covers for your Tesla Model Y and Model 3? Check out some of the commonly asked questions we hear below. If you want more detailed information and have additional questions, check out our Help Center

How Do You Open the Main Storage Compartment of the Models 3 and Y Center Console?

Opening the center console storage compartment is easy: just pull its cover upward. It’s also important to note that once installed, the center console wrap doesn’t inhibit the storage compartment’s function. 

Do the Tesla Model 3 and Y Center Consoles Come With Instructions for Use?

You can find the instructions for using the console on Tesla’s Model 3 manual online. 

What Can You Clean the Center Console Wrap With?

With the center console wrap made of carbon fiber, you can clean it with a cloth or a small squeegee; the material's surface makes it easy to wipe off food stains, water, stained fingerprints, and anything else!

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Wrap for a Tesla Model 3?

The price for a Tesla Model 3 center console wrap varies. You can get a Gen. 2 maple console wrap for just under $170, a black carbon fiber console wrap for $159, and an open-pore console wrap for $89 at a discount.

Can I Install the Center Console Wrap Myself, or Does It Require Professional Help?

The center console wrap installation isn’t difficult; following the Tesla console user manual instructions is required. You can also find a good video on the installation process online.

Does Installing a Center Console Wrap Cover Cover Void the Tesla Model 3 or Y warranty? 

Installing a Model 3 center console wrap on your Tesla vehicle will not void your warranty. However,  before you install a center console wrap cover, it’s important to sort out the warranty details and ask your seller about what aesthetic changes you can safely make. 

Are the User Reviews for the Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wrap Cover Positive or Negative?  

Our center console wrap for model 3 received overwhelmingly positive reviews from our customers as they consider it a great product. 

Does the Tesla Model 3 Matrix Black Wrap Cover Come with a Free Replacement? 

There is no free replacement for any of our center console wrap covers, including the matrix black console wrap.

How do You Open a Tesla Model 3 Center Console Storage Compartment?

The Model 3 center storage compartment has a sliding door or cover that opens by sliding it forward.