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What Accessories Come With the Tesla Model 3 Highland?

Tesla stands at the pinnacle of EV manufacturing, delivering an array of innovative technologies with every new model release. However, with Tesla’s latest Model 3 launch, the Highland, car lovers usually ask one question: What accessories come with the Tesla Model 3 Highland? Here’s everything you want to know. 

What Accessories Come With the Tesla Model 3 Highland?

Tesla continues to dominate, holding the number-one spot as the best-selling EV on the market. Besides the technology, Tesla’s allure also lies in its assortment of car accessories. Tesla Highland owners are provided with key accessories like:

Custom cup holders in a Tesla vehicle
  • A mobile charging cable compatible with standard outlets and capable of faster charging at public stations or if you install a Tesla Wall Connector.
  • Mudflaps, wheel and tire packages, and tire repair kits to keep you ready to hit the road
  • Key cards, bands, and fobs that operate in place of a traditional key to control your car. Naturally, basic documentation like your owner's manual, floor mats, center console, any necessary warranty information, etc., will be included with your purchase. 
  • All-weather interior, rear trunk, and frunk liner sets prevent the effects of different weather conditions from affecting the interior, rear trunk, and frunk. 
  • Center console trays and trunk storage bins that cater to waste disposal.

While Tesla adopts a minimalist approach with the design of their electric vehicles, including the newer Model 3 sedan, they stave off compromising on style and key accessories. Let’s get into more detail about the accessories available for the Highland.

Interior Comfort, Protection, and Convenience

Tesla’s Highland, known for its number-one spot as the best-selling EV, understands the importance of a comfortable and functional driving experience. Think about when you track mud into your car or spill a drink. Luckily, the Highland has it handled. Let's break down the interior accessories that'll make your driving experience superb:

  • All-Weather Floor Mats & Cargo Mats: No worries about dirt, sand, or spills! Rugged all-weather mats protect the floors in the front, back, and even the cargo space. This means those adventures will be suitable for your car's interior.
  • Premium Seat Materials: Settle into high-quality seats tailored to match your car's interior color scheme. It offers luxury for your ride, whether fabric or a comfy leather-like material.
  • Wireless Phone Charger: Ditch those messy charging cables! A convenient wireless charging pad in the center console allows you to charge your phone and stay ready to go.
  • Center Console Organizer & Other Storage Solutions: Tesla understands the importance of organization. Keep sunglasses, snacks, and other small items neatly organized with built-in storage solutions throughout the car, including the cleverly designed center console.
  • Dash Cam: Tesla has excellent built-in cameras that offer even more security. These cameras continuously record front and back footage, capturing potential accidents or unusual events.
Carbon steering wheel in a Tesla Highland

Exterior Enhancements

The Highland seamlessly infuses sophistication into urban streets, going beyond functionality. Its captivating style defines a unique road presence. Exploring distinctive visual elements, Tesla’s Highland stands out, elevating its street appeal. Here's what sets it apart visually:

  • Unique Wheel Design: One of the easiest ways to spot a Highland is by its special wheels. This unique design gives your Tesla a distinctive, sporty look and helps it stand out.
  • Minor Trim Changes: Pay attention to the details! You'll notice subtle differences in the exterior trim pieces and badges compared to other Model 3 versions. These small, stylish touches give the Highland its personality.
  • Wheel Covers (Potentially): Some early Highlands had unique wheel covers. However, newer models may lack this feature. Ask the dealer or check the specifications carefully if this accessory is important to you.

Excluding this electric vehicle's interior and exterior accessories, Tesla has implemented multiple design upgrades that make the Highland the better Model 3 version. 

Technology and Functionality

Embracing cutting-edge technology, Teslas, especially with the Model 3 Highland, offer an abundance of innovative features. Whether embarking on adventures, road trips, or daily commutes, these tech advancements promote a seamless and enhanced driving experience, elevating your journey in every aspect.

  • Upgraded Sound System: Whether you're a music lover or a podcast fan, the Highland's premium sound system is designed to impress. Get ready to have your concert on wheels!
  • Mobile App Connectivity: Forget old-fashioned keys! Tesla's smartphone app lets you open and start your car, adjust the temperature before you even get in, and even call your car to come to you!
  • Tesla Autopilot (Basic): Get extra help on the road with Tesla's basic Autopilot package. This suite of driver assistance features includes automatic lane keeping and adaptive cruise control to make your travels more comfortable and less stressful.
  • Touchscreen Display: It's the brains of the operation! The giant touchscreen in the dashboard's center controls almost everything - music, navigation, climate settings – think of it as a super-powered tablet built into your car.
  • Potential Enhancements: Tesla will continue to release new software updates. This means your car has the potential to get even cooler with improved features and functionality, delivered wirelessly to your vehicle.

Carbon Center Console for a Tesla Highland

Related Questions

The assortment of accessories with this Tesla Model 3 sedan raises a few questions. Here are answers to some of the popular questions regarding the Tesla Model 3 Highland's accessories:

Are There Any Exclusive Accessories for the Model 3 Highland?

No. Most cool accessories for other Model 3s will fit the Highland just fine.

Does the Tesla Model 3 Highland Come With a Sunroof?

Yes! Thanks to the standard panoramic glass roof, you'll have a wide-open view of the sky.

Can I Add Accessories to My Tesla Model 3 Highland After Purchase?

Yes, you can! Tesla has tons of options, from roof racks to special organizers. Visit their website or a shop to customize your ride.


The Tesla Model 3 Highland is a well-equipped electric car, ready to impress. It combines neat interior features, a sharp look, and amazing technology. Model 3 Highland has unique accessories that come with it that you can enjoy without having to buy extra. Since you can customize it with more accessories, your Tesla experience is your own!

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