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Does the Tesla Model 3 Highland Have Real Wood Trim?

Are you wondering whether the sleek new Model 3 Highland has wood trim, genuine or otherwise? As dedicated automotive experts, we will go deep into the details to provide clarity. Join us in unraveling the truth behind, "Does the Tesla Model 3 Highland have real wood trim?"

Does the Tesla Model 3 Highland Have Real Wood Trim?

No, the Tesla Model 3 Highland does not have real wood trim on its dashboard or doors. Unlike its predecessors, the new Model 3 features cloth trim instead of fake wood. It is further complemented by a stylish ambient LED lighting strip that wraps around the dash and doors.

The deliberate elimination of wood trim in the Tesla Model 3 Highland is a point of contention among Tesla fans. However, it accelerates the car toward a minimalistic aesthetic and general premium feel–a feature Tesla has been committed to. This has also made the new Model 3 a mini-Model S.

The substitution of fake wood trim with a soft and smooth cloth on the door panels contributes to a comfortable touch and also the interior's sophistication to a whole new level. Positioned above the air vents in a stylish grey finish, the cloth on the dashboard adds an awesome visual element.

Tesla’s Drive Toward a Minimalistic Aesthetic in the Model 3 Highland

Tesla hasn’t pursued minimalism merely by removing wood from its interior—it has also removed or lessened certain other features without compromising any functionalities. Check the following out:

Stalks Are Gone

Tesla has made the steering wheel area look cleaner by removing stalks. Now, drivers can switch driving modes using the display or an overhead panel that was previously nonexistent. While this change has led to some backlash, it undeniably propels the car towards a heightened minimalistic goal.

To compensate for the gone stalks, Tesla has introduced the Auto Shift Out of Park mode. This feature detects the driver's presence in the seat to anticipate the intended direction. Similarly, releasing the seat belt triggers an automatic shift to park.

Display Has Smaller Bezels

Tesla has implemented another notable change in the Model 3 Highland's interior—the display now features smaller bezels. This alteration enhances the visual appeal of the dashboard while amplifying the immersive experience. This way, Tesla has effectively enlarged the screen, offering a more expansive view of needed information and entertainment.

Hills Accessories for the Wood-Less Interior

Do you want to transform the simplistic cloth look into a classier one? Worry not—you are at the right place! Hills is here to offer a range of accessories to help make the wood-less Tesla Model 3 Highland interior look even better.

Not just this, Hills offers a 2-year warranty on every product, regardless of whether you drive a Highland or any other Tesla. Hills’ global access and warranty features have earned the happiness of several customers. The company is also committed to reducing the adverse impacts of climate change.

Carbon Fiber Dashboard Cover

Hills provides two carbon fiber dashboard covers for the Tesla Model 3 Highland, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. The larger piece elegantly conceals the cloth fiber above the air vents, while the smaller counterpart covers the area below.

Beyond visual appeal, these covers offer substantial benefits, including protection against daily wear, sunlight, and water staining with a polyurethane coating. Installation is effortless, ensuring a precise fit and adding a touch of sophistication while safeguarding the dashboard from various elements, making it a practical and stylish addition to the Model 3 Highland interior.

Instrument & Door Panel Cover

Hills presents tailored covers for different areas in the Tesla Model 3 Highland. These include the instrument panel, door armrests, and the section adjacent to the windows.

The instrument panel cover extends between the LED ambiance light and the front windshield, guaranteeing a seamless and sophisticated look. The door armrest covers provide stylish comfort while exemplifying relaxation. The third piece, available in both matte and glossy finishes, gives it a premium feel.

Crafted with 100% real dry carbon, these covers boast:

  • Scratch and liquid resistance
  • Reduce glare
  • Swift 10-minute installation

Steering Wheel Cover

Choosing Hills dash and door accessories for your Tesla Model 3 Highland? Don't miss the must-have carbon fiber steering cover to complement your selection. Available in glossy or matte finish, it offers a luxurious feel in your hands.

The precise fitment guarantees an easy, hassle-free installation, secured by double-sided tape for a robust fit. Beyond the steering cover, explore additional options like console covers to further enhance the interior aesthetics of your Model 3 Highland. Hills accessories enhance the visual appeal and also prioritize comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions regarding the Tesla Model 3 Highland interior people often ask:

What Are the Benefits of a Fabric Trim Dashboard?

A fabric trim dashboard offers certain benefits over a wooden trim one. Most prominent among those include the following:

  • A softer and more cushioned surface
  • Reduced glare from sunlight or interior lighting
  • More environmentally friendly

Do Interior Covers Hinder Any Functionality?

Hills' interior carbon fiber covers do not hinder any functionality in a Tesla Model 3 Highland. These are specially crafted keeping in mind that you should be able to operate your ride as usual while adding a touch of style and comfort.

Are Hills’ Interior Covers Long-Lasting?

Yes, Hills’ dash and door covers are extremely durable. These are made of 100% dry carbon, which is well-known for its strength. However, you need to be careful in handling these accessories as any harsh treatment can certainly overcome their durability.


The Tesla Model 3 Highland opts for cloth trim over real wood trim, embracing a minimalistic aesthetic. Hills accessories offer stylish solutions, including carbon fiber covers, enhancing both aesthetics and protection. The interior remains sophisticated, addressing concerns and aligning with Tesla's vision.

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